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1 District Winners
15 CSEE Regionwise
206 CSEE Nationwise
12 Various Subjects
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Key to success

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General faq
  • In what language are the classes taught?

    All secondary school subjects are taught in English. Although there is 1 Kiswahili subject taught as a signle take in language course.

  • Can I volunteer….?

    Haradali Winners Sec. Schools greatly benefit from the contributed skills and talents of volunteers from throughout the world.

  • How and When can a Student apply?

    New admissions are every calendar year, on January as this is the official start of the school year as per MOE. Though a students perfomance of a student in the previous primary 7 PLSE Exams weigh in. An interview may also be carried out.

  • Testimonial
    • Come join us for the better future tomorrow.
      Education is the architecture of the soul
    • Come join us for the better future tomorrow.
      There is no education like adversity