March 3, 2021
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NECTA Form IV Results 2020

Congratulations to all teachers and students for the positive results announced yesterday by NECTA Tanzania. Haradali Winners Secondary school ranked 18 out of 178 schools regionwise and  233 out of 3956 nationwide. See the Results page for individual results.

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New Boys Domitory

We are very happy and proud of our New boys' dormitory building. The construction started the last year 2018 and completed in January 2019. We inaugurated the building this past weekend and its now fully in use. The boys are now enjoying big space and enough rooms of accommodation while in school

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Best Form II Results NECTA Examination Results 2018

We are happy with the results that our Form two's Class of 2018 have scored at the National examination that they did in November last year. With over 90% of the class scoring DIVISION 1! Woooooooow! Congratulations to them all. Please click this link to view the results.

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Become a Proffesional Teacher

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